which bowshop sells Bowfishing equipment

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which bowshop sells Bowfishing equipment

Postby jakes1 » Sun Sep 20, 2009 10:06 pm

Anyone knows of a shop in Pretoria/Gauteng or Mpumalanga that sell bowfishing equipment : Fibreglass arrows, fishing points/tips, retriever reels, bows etc. I stay in Groblersdal.


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Postby johanj » Mon Sep 21, 2009 9:48 am

I have an attachment that screws into the front of the bow that works like a normal fishing rod attachment where you fit the reel. Onto that I use a normal coffee grinder type fishing reel. I use normal graphite arrows that I have dedicated to bowfishing and I bought some bowfishing points. I use my normal hunting setup and just make sure I have a dry cloth to wipe the arrow each time after a shot.

This has been a low cost replacement for a dedicated bowfishing setup and has worked well for me so far.
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